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Application of switch cabinet

Feb 18, 2016

Generally speaking, allocating power box is called the power distribution box. Mainly used for the control of electrical equipment, power distribution, overload, short circuit, earth leakage protection circuit. Distribution box installed in various places, such as schools, offices, hospitals, factories, workshops, family, such as lighting, power distribution box, power distribution box.

Switchgear is a kind of switchgear and controlgear. it is as a power Center and main distribution device. Mainly used for power lines, control, monitoring, and measurement of the main electrical equipment and protection. Often set in substations, power distribution rooms, etc. Distribution boxes and switch cabinets in addition to features, the installation environment, internal structure, managed objects are different, notable feature is the shape size, distribution box small size, can be concealed within the walls, stand on the ground and switch cabinet is bulky, only device in substation and distribution fee.