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Hardware and security operations

Feb 19, 2015

Punch after moving parts stopped, before beginning the installation, debugging the mold. After the installation is finished, try moving the flywheel by hand flush twice, check upper and lower die are balanced, reasonable, and screws are sturdy, blank holder is in a reasonable position.

All four, had to wait for other personnel leaving the work area, and took the stage after the debris before they can start power supply switch on the machine.

After five, machinery moving, transported materials and mechanical operation by one person, others may not be pressed or foot pedal switch, not to put their hand in machinery or hand touch mechanical moving parts. Mechanical work, ban put his hand into the slide area, with my hands, put the workpiece is strictly prohibited. In die inside, put the workpiece must be used in accordance with standard tools. If found any abnormal sound machines or machine malfunction, immediately turn off the power switch checked.

When I was six, work should be off idle power and finishing post on the finished products, waste material and debris, ensuring clean and safe work environment.