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Hinge hydraulics and damp which better

Apr 14, 2016

Buy hinges we all want to buy the best. People often ask the question: hinged hydraulic damping and two, what kind of effect is better?

Damper hinge is a kind of hinge, also known as hydraulic hinges, provide a liquid buffered refers to performance, ideal noise buffering hinge buffer effect. It relies on a new one to adjust the closing speed of the door. At 60 ° to start slowly closed the door, reduce impact, forms a close comfortable results. Soft even if forced to close off and keep the movement perfect, soft and quiet.

Wants to buy a good hinge, hinge on need to know to buy knowledge. The following buffer is stainless steel hinge, quick shift buffering hinge, the large opening angle of buffering hinge, door hinge Cup thick cushioning hinged door, aluminum frame buffering hinge hinge purchasing knowledge, we can find out.

Surface: a look at whether the formation of surface materials, such as seeing scratches and deformation, is made of scrap (scrap) produced this hinge look ugly and make your furniture without grades.

Second, hydraulic performance: we all know hinged key is a switch function, so it is very important, key from the hydraulic hinge dampers, and rivet assembly. Damper is mainly look at the noise when opening and closing, if the noise is an inferior product, and watch leg speed is uniform. Hinge Cup is loose? If there is loose on rivets rivet is not tight, easy to fall off. Closing times see the indentation in the glass out is not obvious. If obvious proof glass thickness problem, easy explosion cups.

Three, screws: hinges with two screws, all belong to the adjusting screw, vertical adjusting screw, adjustable screw, about some new hinges with adjusting screws, which is now known as the three-dimensional adjust hinges, usually with two Regulation station is enough. Small tips, with screwdriver with points efforts regulation upper and lower regulation screws three to four times, then put screws take down, see about hinge arm of teeth paper whether has damaged, because this hinge arm is iron material forming out of, no screws of so hard, easy wear, also has due to factory attack teeth Shi if precision enough, on easy sliding silk, or twist not moving of situation. Adjusting screws before and after testing.