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Lock application

Nov 06, 2015

And now with the development community fingerprinting and fingerprint lock is also widely used in industries, both financial industry and in the service sector there is a clear trend. Europe and the modern high-penetration and anti-fingerprint lock in the family in Taiwan is relatively low, because now the lock is still in the development stage, universal stage there is a big gap, so that's not common, but with the deepening consciousness of consumer awareness of the fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock with the market demand, fingerprint lock, naturally it would be popular.

From the main building material market and metal markets then you will find the mechanical lock is the protagonist, had only a smattering of fingerprint lock appeared in popular demand has not been inspired in some high-end building materials, it also gives many opportunities for fingerprint lock brand manufacturers and investors to enter the. As we all know, fingerprint lock is a popular trend, because lock and other traditional mechanical lock, password lock, lock sensors compared to, higher safety and convenient fingerprint can not be copied and security advantages. But looking back at the domestic market, but still at the stage of popularization of education, some consumers ' perception of fingerprint lock is a blank.