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Tools were evolved in animals

Jul 29, 2015

Using the tool (Tool using) an animal uses of external objects as an extension of physical function, in order to achieve a certain purpose. Many examples of animals use tools, such as the Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) thick shells of ostrich eggs using a stone to smash; Galapagos wood Finch (Camarhynchus Pallidus) can use a stick or Cactus thorns hidden under the bark or insects in tree holes; tailorbird (Or-thotomus and Phillergates Spp.) in built nest Shi can put long in tree Shang of a big leaves folding up, again with fiber put leaves of edge suture in with, built a comfortable of nest; shot water fish (Toxotes jaculator) see stopped fell in water plant Shang of insects Shi, will accurate to shot out a unit powerful of flow, put insects shot down in water Shang and will its captured. Mammals use the tools is a famous example of sea otters use rocks smash mollusc shells; chimpanzees can stick both edible plants and digging underground termite, will pry open the carton with the rod to take banana, also took a few boxes stacked together food hanging from the ceiling. Animals use tools to both innate instincts and acquired factors, but in most cases are acquired through learning.