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What is the damper hinge

Aug 05, 2016

Often meet some friends ask: built-in damping hydraulic buffering hinge, hinge do break easily such problems, we can say whether we buy buffering hinge, stainless steel quick shift buffer hinges opening angle buffering hinge hinge products or purchasing other products, we are most concerned about an issue of concern is that it's easy to break down.

Now, in the rapid development of science and technology, production of hinge technology is mature, as long as it is good quality hinges can say we don't have to worry about it spoils quickly. Poor quality it easily broke, of course, so we usually buy large opening angle buffering hinge, door hinge Cup thick cushioning hinged door, aluminum frame buffering hinge hinge products, be sure to find a good manufacturer, as long as you buy a good quality will not break easily.