[TANJA]steel Aluminum Laser Cutting Fabrication Plate Processing With Laser

Laizhou Tianjia Hardware CO ., LTD (TANJA ® ) has provided a laser cutting service for many years with short lead times, zero tooling costs and optimum material utilization . L aser cutting provides a fast, flexible and economical means of sheet metal cutting and plate profiling. In addition to,...

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Laizhou Tianjia Hardware CO.,LTD (TANJA ® )

Our company Advantages:

  1. We have professional engineering team of experience in sheet metal fabrication,stainless steel,carbon steel and acrylic products.
    2.We have extremely well equipped CNC machines to provide customized solutions to meet clients’ metal products needs.
    3.Clients come first has always been our service core.
    4.We can not only produce clients metal products but also combine other manufacturers’ resources together to provide a convenient one-stop service.
    5.High quality, good service, competitive pricing,short lead time and quick response have been our company primary factors in our continued further years. 
    6.We can provide fabrication, deep drawing, machining, welding and assembly
    7.Providing samples with important dimensions and customizing inspection report, material certification to customer for validation and verification



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