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[TANJA]Tube Laser Cutting Processing OEM Laser Cutting Small&medium Stainless Steel Box

Apr 27, 2017


stainless steel  laser cutting


pipe/ tube&plate cutting


Max sheet thickness 16mm 


Max working range  Xais 4000mm


IPG fiber laser


laser cutting workshop 


Max pipe length 6000MM


stamping workshop


Laizhou Tianjia Hardware CO.,LTD (TANJA ® ) has provided a laser cutting service for many years with short lead times, zero tooling costs and optimum material utilization. Laser cutting provides a fast, flexible and economical means of sheet metal cutting and plate profiling.In addition to, the laser profiling offers supreme flexibility, handling profiles from the simplest of components to shapes of almost limitless complexity – it is suitable for both pre-production samples and production batches.

Our company supplied OEM service ,mainly produce the mould ,stamping parts ,laser cutting parts ,welding  parts processing etc

Among them,the laser cutting professional used for cutting 0.5-14mm carbon steel,0.5-5mm stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet, silicon steel,0.5-3mm aluminum,0.5-4mm brass and red copper and other kinds of thin metal sheets(The thickness and materials depend on different fiber laser source)also can cutting the pipe diameter less than 150mm.20 sheet metal equipment can provide bending,deep drawing,welding processing parts and so on,

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