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Aluminum Toggle Latch Anti-theft Effect?

Nov 03, 2017

Aluminum Toggle Latch anti-theft effect?
Now more and more people buy a house decoration, and many people may not be concerned about the installation of Toggle Latch, as long as the match with the decoration style is good, in fact, this is wrong. Many people install the Toggle Latch fact, anti-theft performance is not very high, which gives the thief left an opportunity, so, Toggle Latch choice is very important.
Many businesses will recommend aluminum Toggle Latch, so this Toggle Latch anti-theft effect? Next Xiaobian take everyone to understand.
Currently available on the market Toggle Latch multi-purpose aluminum and steel as the main material, we know, Toggle Latch keyhole is the shape of the key, and the shape of the key are generally in the shape of a cross, round and concave, And the cruciform key, the "tooth" and more lock safety performance is better than the "teeth" less lock, and round and concave anti-theft effect and better than a zigzag and cross.
Aluminum Toggle Latch multi-use concave keyhole, the security performance is also very good natural, so we can rest assured that the purchase of Aluminum Toggle Latch.
In the modern installation, many people buy Toggle Latch only look at the shape, one to see whether the lock style and door style match, and second, I think a lot of good on certain. In fact, the lock cylinder is that we should pay attention to see, especially the Toggle Latch, the quality of the cylinder largely determines its anti-theft performance is excellent. The following aluminum Toggle Latch manufacturers teach you how to identify the Toggle Latch good or bad.
We buy the lock as long as the attention to look, you will find a lot of Toggle Latch lock cylinder is generally copper, and copper characteristics of soft, electric drill, concentrated acid, you can easily destroy the brass cylinder. There are also different types of lock cylinder, the more common use of the lock cylinder is the European-style cylinder and high-end American cylinder.
Of course, in addition to pay attention to the lock cylinder, the lock body material is that we are in the purchase of Toggle Latch to pay special attention. At present, most of China's Toggle Latch aluminum alloy manufacturers to generate the Toggle Latch is generally iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and each manufacturer's technology is different from the quality of the manufacture of Toggle Latch is good or bad, many of them Small manufacturers due to technology, cost constraints, the production of Toggle Latch lock rod hardness is not enough, often easily pliers, hydraulic pliers cut open. So here we recommend buying Toggle Latch when to choose some well-known brands.
Finally note that the key, the type of key is also very large, crescent-shaped, cruciform, round mouth and so on, the more complex the shape of the key, the more teeth, it is more difficult to crack. The key material is also very important, the better material is steel, and the copper key because the texture teach soft, is relatively easy to be copied. Of course, we can also choose a new high-tech electronic key, the key factor of safety is very high.
Do not hang heavy objects on the Toggle Latch or door leaf to prevent sharp objects from bumping, scratching the aluminum Toggle Latch, doors and windows. Open or close the doors and windows, do not use too much force or opening angle is too large, so as not to damage the aluminum alloy.