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Application Of Various Rotary Toggle Latch Varieties In Fashion Design

Aug 01, 2017

Application of Various Rotary Toggle Latch Varieties in Fashion Design
       With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption concept is changing, people choose clothing has changed from the practical focus on the pursuit of popular, fashion and novel, more design elements to join the make today's clothing more Colorful. Rotary Toggle Latch as one of the important accessories of clothing, but also from the past into a substitute for the purchase of clothing. In the world, 90% of the costume designer in the focus on the rotation of the lock lock function at the same time, pay more attention to the rotation of the lock lock fashion, make it clothing design services. Therefore, with the clothing design style, function, aesthetics of diversity, with the matching Rotary Toggle Latch is also rich and varied, all kinds of. How to choose the rotation switch according to the requirements of the design of the choice of Rotary Toggle Latch need to consider the clothing with the main material, the compatibility between the style, harmony and its decorative arts and economic and practical.
Can be considered from the following aspects: (1) according to the size of the strong choice to choose the rotation switch, in considering the rotation of the lock to withstand strong performance, the main choice is to switch the lock model. (2) Designed according to the material of the rotary joint, the material of the element determines the shape and basic state of the rotary switch, especially the softness and feel. This will directly affect the compatibility of the rotary lock lock with the clothing and Aesthetic degree, such as injection molding rotary lock lock for thicker clothing, nylon Rotary Toggle Latch lightweight features to meet the requirements of thin clothing fabrics, metal rotary switch lock rough and chic, and cowboy clothing particularly fit. (3) According to the style of clothing to choose the Rotary Toggle Latch, the use of clothing design, a variety of different materials, rotary switch lock combination of clothing styles, according to the fabric, structure, color to different positioning. With a metal texture of the closing or the end of the double-headed Rotary Toggle Latch, and more for the thick texture of the cowboy and high-end fur clothing; open the end of the right or open the end of the left insert rotation lock lock more used in casual wear, sportswear design ; And closed-end double-headed two-tailed rotary switch lock for children's clothing and special tooling design; has a shy appearance of the invisible rotary switch lock, generally used for women's skirts, pants design, including some casual small dress, So that the appearance of the appearance of clothing and lines more simple and smooth. (4) According to the color of clothing and decorative choice of rotating switch lock, taking into account the clothing design fabrics and accessories in the color of the coordination, you need to choose the color consistent with the fabric Rotary Toggle Latch, so that the main materials and accessories Seamless effect. Sometimes in order to form a strong contrast effect, the choice of a larger difference in color. At the same time rotating the lock of the lock is an important decorative pieces for the decoration and marking of clothing to provide more choices, its personalized, diversified features to increase the fashion of clothing, help to establish the brand, and Other enterprises in the product logo on the obvious difference
Rotary switch lock works very simple, that is, two rotary switch lock by pulling the role of the slider, so that it can be pulled or pulled away. People have selected the Rotary Toggle Latch as the top ten inventions of the twentieth century. In 1893, the American engineer Judson used the principle of concave and convex tooth misalignment, designed a fast sliding off the system, which is the early Rotary Toggle Latch. It changed the concept of traditional connections for centuries. In 1912, the Swedish Senderbak improved the invention, in the rotation of the lock teeth on the back of the design of a set of teeth, so that the Rotary Toggle Latch more reliable and beautiful. Like many new things began to be easy to accept the same, the Rotary Toggle Latch is equipped with uniforms and is widely known. After 1931, Rotary Toggle Latch began to be widely used around the world, and their use is also used in many other industries. Now the world's annual production of rotary switching lock total length of more than 400,000 km of a variety of matching two bands, by pulling the role of the head, you can pull or pull, when the pull forward, The anchors of the fastener tape are restricted by the shape of the closure angle of the pull head and are regularly engaged with each other, which forms the closed state of the rotary switching lock.