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Bags Concealed Hinge Selection And Cleaning

Jun 23, 2017

Bags Concealed Hinge selection and cleaning
1, how to ensure color and color matching luggage Concealed Hinge merchandise high? When the luggage hidden in the hinge color matches the product with a higher degree of demand, the demand for the supply of accurate batch fabric color, because the color and color of the luggage Concealed Hinges, differential dyeing cylinders and information to form a certain color difference. Not less than 4cm supply of color samples, positive and negative attention to the color varieties, such as the sample color light source has special needs, the need for precise clarification (such as: D65 light source, TL84 light source, CWF light source)
2, how nice to sew the luggage Concealed Hinge? In the sewing of Concealed Hinges (especially stealth Concealed Hinges), because the needle and the presser foot are easily stabbed or broken teeth, so that the key chain, therefore, both sides of the presser foot as far as possible the use of sewing, to reduce the chain of teeth trauma. The use of thick fabrics or double-layer fabrics, advocates the use of standard luggage Concealed Hinges, luggage Concealed Hinges of physical performance requirements are getting higher and higher.
3, how to pick children goods (children) Concealed Hinges in children's goods, completely avoid the burr of the Concealed Hinges, luggage Concealed Hinges of the anti-scratch children, the demand for the use of anti-wear, anti-one burst into the child swallowed, The physical properties required for children's goods arrive at the required standard standards for environmental and environmental testing.
4, waterproof fabric selection luggage Concealed Hinge? Please note that this information will be absorbed by the Concealed Hinges so that the fabric's appearance of the stained grease can not be ordered to clean, please clearly indicate the control of the Concealed Hinge of the oil production in the pre-production proofing experiment.
5, how very good scrubbing bags Concealed Hinge? In the Concealed Hinges of the scrub or dryer, please ensure that the Concealed Hinge is in a closed condition and fixed, if opened the laundry, the front end will damage the fabric but will also form a cloth shortened. Alkaline strong scrubbers or chloride ions caused by the bleaching agent can be waxed or oil film melted in the Concealed Hinges, Concealed Hinge damage formed, please note when used.
 Concealed Hinge troubleshooting
    1, opening and closing is not smooth, if the force to pull the chain head, will produce teeth bite fault. At this time with a paraffin or lubrication spray [Concealed Hinge with (FASTENERMATE)] applied to the surface and inside the teeth, and then move the slider several times after the slide loose. - Dongguan metal Concealed Hinge
    2, things too much when the bag on the Concealed Hinge, if closed with a closed hinge, the Concealed Hinge force is too large, will make the teeth from the pieces. This is a serious fault in the Concealed Hinge. The left and right teeth closer, so that the chain head easily closed after the closed hinge. The following are the same as the "
    3, open and close the Concealed Hinges, and sometimes the chain head biting the line or fabric and pull the head in this situation, if the strong pull pull the head, it will bite the deeper, should be on the one hand to pull the head Backwards, one side and untie the fabric. Completely bite into the time, do not pull the pull, please slowly retreat pull the head. When sewing, please do not leave hidden trouble. - Dongguan metal Concealed Hinge