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Concealed Toggle Latch Before The Preparation Of The Preparatory Work

May 25, 2018

Concealed Toggle Latch before the preparation of the preparatory work

    Yesterday Concealed Toggle Latch manufacturers to introduce a few options to hide the lock lock skills, today we are mainly introduced in the purchase of Concealed Toggle Latching lock to do some preparatory work.

    Concealed Toggle Latch should be prepared before the following preparations:

    1, before going to the market to buy Concealed Toggle Latch before , first of all to their own or please statistics need to lock the door with the thickness of the door and the width of the door, so that salesperson configuration lock cylinder length and lock body width.

    2, the door has a single open, double open, left and right points, so in the purchase of Concealed Toggle Latch before the need to understand the opening of the door in order to facilitate the opening of the configuration staff lock. Concealed Toggle Latch manufacturers in this to remind the majority of users: hinges installed on the left side of the door left, hinges installed on the right side of the door for the right to open.

    3, to their own decoration style have a certain understanding and the color of the door should also pay attention.

    4, indoor doors with hardware as a key to the matching products, should keep the design style with the door lock harmony, shaping the group beauty and maintain the integrity of the design.

In the home decoration, the Concealed Toggle Latch is always essential to a lock, no matter how simple we can not be decorated, can not be simple. Modern decoration, the choice of the lock department is only practical enough, more and more people began to pay attention to beauty, pay more attention to improving the quality of life.

    So how do we choose a good lock? The following by the Lei Yu hardware hidden lock lock factory to teach you a few on the purchase of Concealed Toggle Latching lock skills.

    First, from the function to choose

    In the home decoration, sometimes ordinary hardware often lead to serious security risks. So we need to face the lock in the home of the important position:

    1, anti-theft function: anti-theft function is the basic function of each door to ensure the safety of life and property.

    2, fire function: in the event of fire, the door lock should not be high temperature damage, which led to not escape in time.

    3, anti-bacterial function: Concealed Toggle Latch bacteria in the family members between the highest cross-frequency transmission, the door is one of the main transmission channels.

    Second, the material is essential

    Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of material door locks, choose green, environmentally friendly products to protect the health of family life more healthy:

    1, stainless steel: Concealed Toggle Latch strong corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life; production process is complex, high development costs.

    2, zinc alloy: easy casting processing, development costs are low; style, surface color and more.

    3, space aluminum: Concealed Toggle Latch easy processing molding; development of low cost; style monotonous, mostly modern minimalist design; material itself low value.

    Third, in the matching and the use of door locks should also note the following:

    1, to choose a quality assurance of the hidden lock lock manufacturers brand name locks.

    2, pay attention to the purchase and your door the same direction of the door lock.

    3, pay attention to your door frame and wide, spherical lock and handle lock can not be used for less than 90 cm on the door.

 Now more and more people to buy a house decoration, and many people in the installation of the lock when the time may not be too concerned about that as long as the decoration style to match like, in fact, this is wrong. Many people install the lock in fact, anti-theft performance is not very high, which gives the thief left an opportunity, so the choice of the door is very important.

    Many businesses will give you recommend Concealed Toggle Latch, then this door lock how the anti-theft effect? Xiaobian then let everyone know about it.

    We are aware that the keyhole lock is the shape of the key, and the shape of the key is generally a zigzag, cross, round and concave, for the shape of the shape of the car, And the cross-shaped key, the "teeth" more than the safety performance of the lock is better than the "teeth" less locks, and round and concave anti-theft effect is better than the shape and shape of the cross.

    Concealed Toggle Latch more use of concave keyhole, the anti-theft performance is also very good, so we can rest assured to buy Concealed Toggle Latch.