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Concealed Toggle Latch Routine Maintenance Attention Problem

Jul 01, 2017

Concealed Toggle Latch routine maintenance attention problem
    In daily life, a lot of clothes, backpacks are used to hide the lock, but the hidden switch is a consumable, a little care may be damaged, not easy to use the situation. The city specializes in the maintenance of Concealed Toggle Latch Hu Yongqiang introduced some Concealed Toggle Latch maintenance and processing methods.
Concealed Toggle Latch rust
    You can use soap, candles in the hidden switch on the lock to wipe a few times, and then slowly pull back and forth several times, to the hidden lock to increase the degree of lubrication, to prevent Concealed Toggle Latch rust. If the Concealed Toggle Latch has been rusty, you can use the tip of the buckle pry open a little, and then slowly pull the hidden switch off, and then with a pliers to pull the button clenched.
Hidden lock lock clothes
    Hidden lock lock stuck clothes, do not pull hard pull, otherwise the stuck part will be more and more tight, but also may damage the Concealed Toggle Latch. Slowly pull the card in the Concealed Toggle Latch out of the pull, at the same time with the pull down the Concealed Toggle Latch, pull the clothes little by little.
Concealed Toggle Latch maintenance
    When using a Concealed Toggle Latch, align the two sprouts, pull the slider slowly pulled forward, do not pull too fast too fast. With a Concealed Toggle Latch backpack, wallet, etc., do not pretend too full, otherwise it is easy to hide the lock lock collapse. Do not let the Concealed Toggle Latch damp, or with acid, alkali and other substances in contact, or easy to rust or corrosion, usually keep Concealed Toggle Latch dry.
Common exclusion Concealed Toggle Latch fault skills have the following points, for reference only:
    1, encountered when the open situation is not open, if your Concealed Toggle Latch will produce teeth plugging fault. It is possible to hide the lock on the tooth surface and the inside of the paraffin and lubricate the coating, and then pull the slider several times after the slide.
    2, Concealed Toggle Latch sometimes chain bite line or Bula head can not move, in this case, if the move strong pull the head, will be more and more deep bite, then please slowly pull back to pull , Do not leave a hidden danger when sewing a Concealed Toggle Latch.
    3, installed too much Concealed Toggle Latch bag thing, if you close the Concealed Toggle Latch, Concealed Toggle Latch force is too large, will make the teeth received damage. Yifeng Hidden Toggle Locking Network Proposal You put the surrounding teeth close to the easy way to close the hidden lock by closing the chain.
    4, will pull the head pulled to the bottom of the mouth, pull teeth are divided into left and right parts, pull the left and right sides of the European section of the hidden lock lock teeth can be measured to stop the destruction of the required force, The resistance of the internal components, to avoid the use of Concealed Toggle Latch after the use of the process of failure.
    In the exclusion of Concealed Toggle Latch failure, we must first determine the quality of Concealed Toggle Latch good and bad. Commonly used Concealed Toggle Latch length measurement method size is mainly such a technique: prepare a steel ruler tool. First, the fastener unit is in a flat plate, it is in a natural state, followed by a steel ruler to measure, from the top of the head, measured to the fastener outer end faucet, if the end of the opening of the fasteners, The number of the outer end to the exit. Finally, here should pay attention to when the fastener in the production process, due to the inertia of the production equipment, and consider the integrity of the tooth buckle, buckle length allows the deviation, but in a certain tolerance range, good quality good hidden lock lock material length generally meet this standard.