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Correct Selection Of Hinge Series And Use Hinge Series

Aug 01, 2017

Correct selection of Hinge Series and use Hinge Series
Reasonable and correct use of Hinge Series is to improve the service life of the hinge an important way. Reasonable use, including the meaning of the second layer, one is matching properly, different specifications of different varieties of hinges with the appropriate series of clothing, the second is the correct sewing and use
1, buy Hinge Series of important tips
Due to the Hinge Series in different environments and occasions, the adaptability is different, different specifications have a certain scope of application, the general type Hinge Series and special type Hinge Series requirements are different, therefore, in the choice of Hinge Series, the use of manufacturers Certainly note the following questions:
1.1; Hinge Series application object
It is advisable for the purchaser to advise the manufacturer of the Hinge Series in the purchase of the Hinge Series. The Hinge Series is used in what kind of products, and whether there is any special post-processing requirements for the product. If the ordinary washing or the acid enzyme is washed, Series of manufacturers to meet the requirements of the product, the Hinge Series of quality and personalized requirements of the appropriate adjustments.
1.2; Hinge Series length and allowable tolerances
The meaning of the length of the Hinge Series is different in different Hinge Series. Since the Hinge Series is a flexible fabric, it will have some expansion and contraction by the external force. Be sure to consider the size of the Hinge Series.
1.3; Requirements for Hinge Series components
As the different countries and regions of the textile environmental and ecological requirements are not the same, the test methods are not the same, especially for azo, non-heavy metals, check the needle and other aspects of the requirements vary widely, so in the Hinge Series of procurement It is best to specify the country and region where the product is exported, or directly to the requirements of the Hinge Series.
1.4; children's clothing Hinge Series safety tips
In order to ensure the safety of children's clothing in the use of zipper, we not only to control the chemical composition of the Hinge Series of products, but also on the metal parts are required, such as the proposed use of plastic injection and stop, metal accessories without sharp edges, Angle injury and scratch the child's skin.
2, Hinge Series of finished products in the use of the process should pay attention to matters.
2.1; pull the correct choice and use
Different pull the head has a different use function, should be the right choice. In the washing process of clothing, some of the chemical composition of the detergent is concerned about corrosion, such as jeans, the best choice for anti-washing processing strong spring pull; Hinge Series in the open state of the washing, stirring process will be used Self-locking pull the head to receive the abrupt pull, or make some debris into the pull head, causing the slider to be damaged.
2.2 Proper use of hinged accessories
Due to the metal on the stop and the end of the foot through the chain with the design of the more sharp, in the manufacturing and use of the process will be careful to expose the sharp part of the existence of unsafe factors, therefore, the proposed children's clothing in the choice of Hinge Series Use the top and bottom of the injection molding form. This is also the case with hinges used in underwear. For the open-end Hinge Series, the use of the intubation must be inserted into the socket at the bottom of the cavity, inserted in the end, and then pull the pull head, if the cannula failed to plug in place, forced pull pull, easy to cause Hinge Series The first element of deformation or displacement, resulting in both sides of the articulated teeth can not mouth or pull the top of the head can not move, even if it can pull the chain will cause "broken belly" phenomenon. Intubation is not in place, likely to cause damage to the plug-in. The correct way to pull the head when moving, please pull the head to look back, check the catheter in place when the pull will not be a problem.
2.3 metal Hinge Series of tooth discoloration problem
The chemical properties of copper alloys are acidic, alkaline, oxidizing agents or reducing agents will occur when the chemical reaction, resulting in color discoloration. The Hinge Series may be discolored when it is chemically reactive with the metal and Hinge Series of chemical elements and metal hinges. This is reflected in high temperature and high humidity conditions (sewing products are steamed, Sealed packaging in the plastic belt and keep a long time, etc.) is more likely to occur, this situation is not the Hinge Series of their own quality problems. Metal Hinge Series in the production process for the protection of treatment, but the oxidation of copper material, even if the protective treatment to sit in the good, there are inevitable things happen.