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Fliexible And Damping Latch Are Installed With Stress

Aug 21, 2017

Fliexible and Damping Latch are installed with stress

    We know that the Fliexible and Damping Latch manufacturing materials are mainly aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel and copper, and surface treatment are mainly gold-plated, scrub, drawing and other processes.

    Flexible and damping The price of the latch is very much the same as the material used, but this is not absolute, such as pure copper Fliexible and Damping Latch is not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, because in addition to materials, we also Look at the manufacturing process of the door lock.

For the installation of Fliexible and Damping Latches, the door is installed in different places on the door, the selected door lock material is different, such as health Wen suitable for installation of copper Fliexible and Damping Latch, and not suitable for the installation of stainless steel door locks , Which is the truth: stainless steel Fliexible and Damping Latch Although the sensory is clean, but in fact it is very easy to breed bacteria, especially as in the bathroom this place, and copper material with antibacterial effect, The hands of the bacteria will be relatively much less, so the bathroom is suitable for the installation of copper door locks.

  The flexible and damped latch, as the name suggests, is a door lock device with a handle that locks the door to prevent others from opening the door. Fliexible and Damping Latch are divided into mechanical and electric (requires electrical energy).

The use of Fliexible and Damping Latch in different applications is not the same. In general, the basic use of ordinary families is the mechanical anti-theft Fliexible and Damping Latches, this lock is high security, the key is its price is relatively cheap, very use of the general use of the family; and in some high-end places, Will use the electric Fliexible and Damping Latches, such as password locks, fingerprint locks, etc., this lock is very high security, of course, the price should be much more expensive than ordinary mechanical anti-theft lock.

There are many levels of flexibility and damping latches used in security doors, we call it an anti-theft level. The following is the anti-theft and damping latch at all levels of the technical indicators of the table, according to the table can understand our own security of the door lock.

 In the modern home decoration, the space aluminum lock is a very popular product, which is mainly to give people the first feeling is beautiful, then, can not help but ask, the quality of space aluminum lock reliable? Will it fade?

    In fact, as long as the user choose the big manufacturers of space aluminum lock, do not worry about quality problems, space aluminum lock is not fade.

    Space aluminum is a relatively new type of environmentally friendly materials, which are subjected to high temperature oxidation and other special treatment, can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature and strong impact, is a strong strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum products, with a lightweight Durable and so on. As for why it is called "space aluminum", which is due to its beginning when a large number of high-tech areas for the manufacture of aviation equipment, so called "space aluminum."

 When selecting new Fliexible and Damping Latch, it is generally necessary to have two parameters, the door thickness and the center distance.

    The door of the standard Huaihua specifications for most of the 4.5 cm, most of the Fliexible and Damping Latch encountered thicker door can be used to make a certain size of the screw to adjust.

    The center distance is the length of the center of the hole to the edge of the door frame, the general length of mostly 6 to 7 cm, so if your woodworking master has not dig holes, then the market almost all your fancy door locks can be installed. If the door has been excavated, please measure the aperture, the door thickness and the center distance, according to the measured data for the conditions, select your combination of Fliexible and Damping Latch.

  If you are old and the damping latch is broken, you need to replace the new door lock, and the old door lock in the keyhole position has been fixed, so not every lock is loaded up, the best way is to old Lock the whole removed, get the lock on the market manufacturers to do comparison. General door locks, as long as not too old or special style, about two to three working days can be found within the same new lock to you

    If you are not convenient to unlock, please the door of the photo and the brand (usually in the tongue of the place) take pictures down the door to the door of the distance to the door, by the manufacturers staff for your service.