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Fliexible And Damping Latch With The Door How To Choose?

Oct 23, 2017

Fliexible and Damping Latch with the door how to choose?
We have analyzed the Fliexible and Damping Latch and the ball lock which is better, I believe we all have their own judgments, and today we mainly talk about the door lock and the door with the problem.
Choose a different door lock (including shape, material, color, size, etc.), installed on the door will be very different effects, such as installed in the darker door lock is more flexible, gun, gold or copper The lock is very with, if the use of stainless steel or space aluminum and other colors of the original lock is a noble and elegant, eye-catching clear feeling.
For those light colors such as light white pine or beech such wood doors in the lock with the choice must use stainless steel or space aluminum and other original colors Fliexible and Damping Latch, and look simpler some of the best.
Some brands of imported brands, each brand of each Fliexible and Damping Latch panel and handle can be interchangeable, when you change the lock as long as the replacement of the damaged part of it, no need to re-lock. Generous rugged lock handle are generally rotating angle, on the contrary, Japanese and imitation Japanese-style domestic locks are small angle rotation.
Consumers are now increasingly high awareness of anti-theft, from the early ordinary wooden doors to the current metal security door, so that indoor safety continues to increase. The door of the problem is solved, but the door is essential to a component door lock is still a short board can not be ignored, many families are often because of the poor security of the door was stolen.
Ordinary Fliexible and Damping Latch in the security is relatively poor, very easy to encounter thieves black hand. So, what is the choice of door locks to improve the safety of the room, so that thieves no longer easily succeeded?
In fact, the market is now very popular smart Fliexible and Damping Latch can be a very good solution to this problem.
Smart Fliexible and Damping Latch unlock method is used in fingerprint or password way, this way compared to ordinary Fliexible and Damping Latch using key unlock mode, the security has improved quality.
Fingerprint or password unlock mode, so that only authorized personnel can be unlocked, and not authorized to carry out forced unlock, smart Fliexible and Damping Latch will also be issued an alarm sound, and wirelessly transmitted to your phone, to remind you Thieves are forced to open your door lock. So that the safety of this new type of intelligent Fliexible and Damping Latch is well worth it.
In our daily life, will inevitably encounter Fliexible and Damping Latch failure can not be opened or locked out of the situation can not be opened, how can we encounter these problems?
For failure to open, in general, there are two ways to deal with:
1, with a pencil cut some pencil core powder or graphite powder, into the keyhole, and then insert the key into the handle lock hole slowly turn, you can open the rust lock.
2, the silver immersion in kerosene or gasoline, after a while out of the oil will be wiped out, and then to the keyhole drops a few drops of sewing machine oil or vegetable oil, the key inserted into the keyhole slowly turn, usually can open the rust lock.
For Fliexible and Damping Latch lock and not open, there are two ways:
1, if it is your home lock the door can not open, this time we need a knife, and sharp and fine kind of knife, the tip of the sharp the better, first of all from the toilet door outside the door against the middle The part that can be shrunk is also called the lock shaft, the lock shaft does not come into contact with the lock groove, reduces the friction, through the knife inserted into the slot of the lock slot, against the lock shaft, to the free direction of the lock shaft force, perhaps Once or twice can not open, or to try a few times, perhaps opened.
2, Fliexible and Damping Latch lock can not open the case, to find their own family with the key to open the door lock. Then in addition, it is a variety of methods are also used when the door can not open the lock, you can ask the professional unlock the company to unlock, like this unlock the company generally have a professional process, and unlock technology, Just to own pocket to spend some money.