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Hinges May Be Small, Its Status Is Raising The Foot Light

Apr 23, 2015

Hinges may be small, its status is very important. Throughout the furniture, hinges of stability is directly related to the performance of the furniture because furniture can not switch without suitable fit hinges. Today, furniture hinge hinge manufacturers to introduce specific types:

1, according to the base type are divided into: shedding-type disassembly and stationary solid-Pack;

2, press the arm type: slide-type and cassette;

3, press the door cover is divided into: cover straight bending, bend in the back, hidden within Big Bend;

4, according to stages of development of hinge style is divided into: a hydraulic buffering hinge hinge, hinge, two-stage force;

5, press the hinge opening angle is divided into: ordinary 95-110, special, 45, 135, 175;

6, press the hinge types: the normal one or two short arm hinge, hinge, 26 Cup hinges for mini hinges, marble, aluminium box.