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Household Interior Fliexible And Damping Latch Lever Device Design

Sep 12, 2017

Household interior Fliexible and Damping Latch lever device design

1. Structural design of anti-pry devices

1.1 device overview

As shown in figure 1, the device mainly includes device body, sliding block baffle and cipher wheel, etc. Within the device body there is a groove, groove leave a hole, and Fliexible and Damping Latch hole corresponding to the position. A slider panel installed in the groove. When is open password wheel, slider baffle can be touch, will Fliexible and Damping Latch hole, insert the key open Fliexible the Damping and Latch. When password wheelset is in closed Fliexible and Damping Latch state, slider baffle can't be touch, will Fliexible and Damping cover Latch holes, unable to insert the key open Fliexible and Damping Latch.

1.2 device structure design As shown in figure 2, the device body grooves on the password wheel side set up a set of embedded groove, password wheel set in embedded groove, when the slider button flap and the device body together, each password through embedded trough bare round part. Slider baffle side has a set of convex tenons, at the same time, each password wheel wheel core has a groove, when all the grooves in the same horizontal line password wheel, raised a joint can be one by one with the matching and card. When the sliding block damper is pushed, the first spring is compressed, and when the slider is loosened, the slider is sliding in the opposite direction under the action of the first spring.

As shown in figure 3, the password wheel structure including the wheel core and the second spring and toggle wheel, wheel core is mounted on a moving the center of the wheel, wheel core set within a second spring, one end of the second spring on the wheel core, the other end on the device body. The core consists of a circular table with a cylindrical groove in the center and a second spring in the cylinder. A circular groove is arranged on one side of the wheel and a circular hole is arranged in the center of the center. The center of the wheel is embedded in the groove, and the center shaft of the wheel is placed in the hole. There is another groove at the bottom of the groove, which is combined with the bulge on the side of the cone. At the same time, the center axis of the core is highly consistent with the circular hole at the center of the center of the circular groove.

As shown in figure 4, a gap is opened in the position of the device body to install the password wheel, which is used to display the password number marked on the password wheel (the number of 0 to 9 on the outer circumference of the password wheel is 10). The sliding block baffle surface is welded with a direction indicator and an uneven texture panel to facilitate operation. There is also a fixed hole in the device for mounting the door.

The work of the anti-pry device is carried out

2.1 pry proof device operation process Need to open the door, according to set a password, password upon wheelset, to bring out the password, and then push the slider to the left baffle show Fliexible and Damping Latch hole, insert the key open Fliexible the Damping and Latch. Need Fliexible and Damping Latch door, as a result of the action of the slider in the first spring, in the original position will cover Fliexible and Damping Latch hole, at this time, as long as the rotation password wheel make the password confusion, slider baffle can't be promote, thus protecting Fliexible and Damping Latch hole, prevent any open Fliexible insert and Damping Latch tool.

2.2 the password Settings As shown in figure 5, when push slider baffle to Fliexible and Damping Latch hole bared, slider baffle board games into the wheel core groove groove, the spring is in a state of relaxation, can't with toggle wheel rotating wheel core, rotating wheel upon at this time, make the password round the Numbers on the corresponding position and relative change in wheel core position in the groove on the back, which meet the password changes, set the password.

2.3 pry proof device works When hand push slider baffle, show the password correctly, if the password wheel sliding block baffle board games can insert groove wheel core, the first spring is compressed, slider baffle continue to slide, until the show Fliexible and Damping Latch holes. If password mistake, its a joint cannot be inserted into the password inside the groove of wheel, slider baffle can't slide, Fliexible and Damping is still cover Latch holes.

3 summary

This design is through the ordinary Fliexible installed on the door and Damping LatchFliexible and Damping the end of the Latch pry device installation, normal slider baffle device under covered Fliexible and Damping Latch hole, unable to insert the key open Fliexible and Damping Latch. Only know the password can pushes away the slider baffle, revealing Fliexible and Damping Latch hole, insert the key open Fliexible the Damping and Latch, this design to strengthen Fliexible and Damping Latch security, preventing the use of various tools for technical open Fliexible and Damping Latch and implementation of burglary. This device has the application promotion value, after application, the state intellectual property office has granted utility model patent