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How Does The Concealed Hinge Be Maintained?

Jul 01, 2017

How does the Concealed Hinge be maintained?
 Scientific and reasonable use can extend the life of Concealed Hinges, the following are several common maintenance methods:
    1, in pulling the Concealed Hinge, you must first close the teeth on both sides, the top must be aligned, and then pinching the headset zipper head gently pull the track, can not force too much pull.
    2, in the mobile zipper head should be careful not to skirts or cloth and other debris into the headset zipper, so as not to cause "teeth skew", "broken belly", "teeth" and so on.
    3, the earplug maintenance methods: Concealed Hinge on the ear is a more sophisticated things, the collision will lead to internal parts of the loose or damaged, a serious collision will lead to deformation of the headphones diaphragm, so that the earplug damage. Therefore, Dongguan zipper manufacturers recommend that we try to avoid the collision of earplugs.
    4, Concealed Hinge wire maintenance: the use of headphones after the headset line to wipe away the sweat, because these people secrete something, what is fat, is the wire of the invisible killer. In the ear bend, a long time, the wire will be aging, and finally lead to the opening, fracture. Pay attention to some rubber products hidden metal hinge wire maintenance methods, such as not to grease, acid, alkali and other things contaminated wire, in the time to use these dry towels to clean.
    5, plug the maintenance method: At present, many earplugs have chosen a gold-plated plug, which is helpful to reduce the impedance, the transition wear will lead to Concealed Hinge sound quality changes. And this layer of gold is generally very thin, if the number of plug, the surface will be worn quickly, so, Dongguan zipper manufacturers do not recommend nothing to plug the earplugs, so that both the earplugs are not good, but also make the machine Of the interface becomes loose, resulting in poor contact and other issues.
    6, the use of Concealed Hinges must be closed before the small volume. If your output device volume is too large, not only the ear of the ear, the light shock film fold, heavy the headset voice coil burned.
7, Concealed Hinges away from the wet environment: the head of the pad in the wet environment will rust, so that resistance increases, the headset will be biased.
    8, away from the chemical: Concealed Hinge shell paint will be dissolved in organic chemicals, if the surface of the flowers will affect the appearance of beauty.
    9, pay attention to temperature and humidity: the temperature is too high or too much humidity will make the Concealed Hinge earplugs damage, especially in the diaphragm on the most obvious performance, if the high temperature, high humidity, earplugs diaphragm is easy Deformation. Therefore, the zipper factory is advised not to make the earplugs close to these places, such as direct sunlight, fire, water and so on.
    10, in the use of Concealed Hinges when the best not to smoke. Because accidentally concealed hinge shell, headphone line will burn. The other ash will enter into the headset shell in the shock film, a long time the sound is wrong.
    11, pay attention to the Concealed Hinge cleaning: in use when covered with grease and sweat, will cause damage to the Concealed Hinge wire. The use of a long time the user will find the headset has been hardened, hardened after the break is likely to cause the ear line. Eventually led to the side of the side does not ring, or even no sound of the situation there. Dongguan zipper manufacturers recommend: Concealed Hinge earbuds after use as much as possible to wipe the wire clean, to avoid the use of cold weather.
12, to avoid damage to the voice coil: as far as possible in the use of Concealed Hinge ear plugs when used sponge sets of use, not only can filter some noise, protect the ears, and bring sponge sets for ordinary moving ear plugs, And metal debris into the earplug cavity, to avoid causing abnormal sound.