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How To Use The Draw Latch Parts Properly?

Jul 19, 2017

How to use the Draw Latch parts properly?

As an important component of clothing, the Draw Latch accessories are found to be more likely to be damaged in life, and they often lose the value of the application before the service life of the fittings is reached. The main reason is the inappropriateness of its usage, so do you know the correct way to use it? - yifeng "YFA zip zip with independent brand, specializing in the production of various high-end cord environmental protection, the price is reasonable, good service with sincere attitude to provide you with the best quality products, welcome to inquire!

1. Different specifications:

It is important to choose the corresponding specifications according to different application situations when choosing to Draw Latch accessories. It is important to know that the performance characteristics of different types of Draw Latch are different, so be careful when choosing.

Use your head correctly

It is important to realize that the proper use of the part pull function needs to be paid attention to the method. As a key point, the choice of detergents is crucial because the corrosion effects of these products are different. At this point, you need to make different demands on the texture of the Draw Latch. For children's clothing, it is best to choose the injection molding. In addition, underwear clothing should also refer to this standard, pull the difficulty that pulls the pull is small, the probability that causes a failure is also relatively small.

3. Requirements for Draw Latch components:

Also need to carefully consider this a standard, born in some areas of the ecological and environmental protection requirements, the product has certain if at this point is not in conformity with the easy cannot meet the demands of daily use. So, for many businesses, detailed market research is a must.

4. Product application objects:

In choosing this product, it is necessary to understand the type of clothing, and the products of the accessories that are applicable to different clothing types are also required. For example, the type of detergent that is used in water washing, whether there is a strong resistance to acid material, etc., is something that needs to be considered in advance.

4. Use safety tips:

Especially for the application of children's clothing, must be more strict requirements, the security happened several examples for zip shrill situation makes the children at play in the accidental damage. Therefore, such problems need to be avoided early.

In the face of the domestic market, with the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers' taste is changing, their clothes, bags, handbags, and other products for the quality and cultural taste of demand is higher and higher, use high-quality zipper products to meet this need has become a must. In the long term application, the key to the performance of the product is basic security.

Zipper accessories industry in China has entered a smooth after 30 years of rapid growth stage of development, in the past the extensive development of the traditional way is more and more narrow, rely on cheap for era has gradually gone, fine production, brand development of the road of industrial transformation is imperative.

Avoid the discoloration of metal Draw Latch: this kind of problem occurs mainly because of the chemical reaction with the acid, so it is necessary to pay more attention to the daily use.