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I Want To Pick A New Secondary Toggle Latch

Aug 21, 2017

I want to pick a new Secondary Toggle Latch

    Select the new Secondary Toggle Latch installation, the general need for two aspects of the parameters, namely the door thickness and the center distance.

    The door of the standard Huaihua specifications for most of the 4.5 cm, most of the Secondary Toggle Latch encountered thicker door can be used to do a certain length of the screw to adjust the size.

    The center distance is the length of the center of the hole to the edge of the door frame, the general length of mostly 6 to 7 cm, so if your woodworking master has not dig holes, then the market almost all your fancy secondary lock can be installed The If the door has been excavated, please measure the aperture, the door thickness and the center distance, according to the measured data for the conditions, select your combination of the Secondary Toggle Latch.

 If you are the old Secondary Toggle Latch is broken, you need to replace the new Secondary Toggle Latch while the old Secondary Toggle Latch is locked in the keyhole position, so not every lock is loaded up, the best way Is the old lock to remove the whole, get the lock on the market manufacturers to do comparison. The general Secondary Toggle Latch, as long as not too old or special style, about two to three working days can be found within the same new lock to you

    If you are not convenient to unlock, please double the switch lock photos and brands (usually in the tongue of the place) take pictures down the Secondary Toggle Latch center point to the door of the distance, by the manufacturers to serve you.

   We will inevitably use every day or contact with the Secondary Toggle Latch, which has a type of Secondary Toggle Latch called handle lock. What is the handle lock it, handle lock how to install, handle lock how to split it, and so some problems are everyone in contact with the handle after the lock, for the handle lock is more curious and interested in the problem, then the handle lock How to split it, in answer to this question, we should know how to install the lock, the following, let the Zhejiang Lei Yu hand lock manufacturers for you to explain it!

    Handle lock installation:

    1, cut the installation of the paper attached to the appropriate height of the door (rest assured hole center about 1 meter from the ground).

    2, according to the left and right to open the door, adjust the oblique tongue toward the door closed, and then put the lock body into the lock body with a self-tapping screw fastening.

    3, insert the lock body into a good slot in advance, with a screw fixed lock body, and the square core into the lock body hole and then front and rear panel handle square hole into the square core, screw into the inner panel of the two fastening screws (Temporarily not tightened), the lock cylinder from the door to the door through the lock core hole, with the cylinder fixing screw to lock the cylinder and the lock body fastening, and then tighten the inner panel of the two fastening screws.

    4, in the corresponding position of the door frame chisel box hole and buckle plate supporting the nest, the installation of deduction box, buckle plate, with self-tapping screws fastening, should make the telescopic ease.

    Handle lock how to split:

    1, in the relative direction of the inside of the lock to see the handle, in the small part of the handle there is a small hole, with hard thin things (such as nails) inserted into the hard to withstand, and pull the ball out of the ball The

    2, the card in the door that disk turned counterclockwise, you will see there are two screws, with a cross dice knife to remove, from the outside to be able to pull out the ball.

    3, lock the heart from the door to get rid of the two fans will be able to pull out.

    National Day travel before the first step forward, is to quickly check the "Secondary Toggle Latch type." According to a city police station statistics, the highest theft rate of the Secondary Toggle Latch, respectively, for the trumpet lock, auxiliary lock, and then the ordinary split multi-stage lock, these Secondary Toggle Latch stolen poor, thieves can easily use the tool Destroy, it is recommended that for a second time to switch to a second switch, usually thieves will be deterred, "every one minute, thieves will increase the probability of a sub - arrest.

    However, the second switch in the end should be how to change, in order to play the best anti-theft effect? According to the WorldNews report, if it is a general cylinder lock or speaker lock, it is recommended to add a chain lock, even if the lock was forced open, or can be more protection; or locksmith to change the second lock to lock Or file lock, you can also let the lock was opened or pry open longer, or directly with a collision or tamper protection lock. If the budget is enough, it is recommended to install an electronic function with an alarm, as long as there are thieves want to break into, you can directly connect the security or police.

    In addition, it is also important to check the type of owner. Police Department reminded that there are new types of houses, such as new houses, rentals or replacement houses, can not determine whether the previous tenants have the same secondary switch key. To avoid being invaded by the former tenant or the landlord, Increase the second switch or lock, in order to ensure that the National Day travel home and property safety.