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Luggage Hinge Series Of The Use Of Maintenance And Maintenance

Jun 23, 2017

Luggage Hinge Series of the use of maintenance and maintenance
Bags Hinge Series of damage is usually two cases and maintenance methods
1, both sides of the iron cut off. Repair can be folded inwardly in a nail and in parallel to the iron, and the other end pulls straight. According to the pull iron cut off the length of the staple, one cut off the excess. A good book after the nail part should be placed on the iron side of the position, back to the head below, with the Hinge Series series flooding, the same point to the other end. And then use the needle lock stitch windbreaker dense French seam, inside the bag, the width should be equal to the original iron edge; book nail stitch, smooth joints, wax touch, such as the effect of the original iron edge effect, come to freedom.
2, Hinge Series of teeth. The method of repair is: with the tweezers of the original tail pry open Hinge Series of teeth, installed in the posterior teeth of the site, and then gently press the edge of the teeth in the mouth, so he can bite.
Hinge Series series and daily maintenance tips Hinge Series series
Luggage Hinge Series series of damp or rust, oxidation, pull is not smooth, hard fixed, such as candles in the two rows of teeth used to pull back a few, and fire roasted, pull up very slippery
Daily maintenance and how to repair the luggage Hinge Series
Luggage Hinge Series series of common problems is not pull or not open, mainly in the Hinge Series series head. The pull head is made of two pieces of iron, the use of a long time, the distance between the iron will support the range, the Hinge Series series can not be opened. Repair method is very simple, only need to use pliers or on or under the card on the line, but be careful not to be too hard to avoid pinch.
First, the series of hinges Hinge Series of flatness and flatness: the Hinge Series series in the natural sagging state, no waves or bending.
Second, the luggage Hinge Series of series of accessories: injection Hinge Series of series of bright teeth, the front of the middle no depression, no teeth, metal ring teeth arranged neatly, not skewed, no broken teeth, teeth teeth good.
Third, the metal Hinge Series of color: uniform color, bright and smooth, no color.
Four, Hinge Series with adhesive: Hinge Series with adhesive position symmetrical, no skew, paste the Department of repeated 10 times turn 180 degrees and constantly.
5, pull the head: the plating of the drawing of the bright, can not afford skin, no foreign body scratches, the thickness of the coating is not less than 3UM, painted, spray surface bright and bright surface coating uniform solid, no bubbles, no dead ends and other defects.
Six, luggage Hinge Series of features
During inspection, the following operations can be performed to ensure that the function of the luggage Hinge Series is good.
Pull the slider back and forth to move, pull the head smooth, flexible, no beating or locking feeling. Special attention to pull the head in the last stop, stop and start at the plug when the barrier.
Pull the two series of hinges series of teeth, angle 60 or so, pulling the speed is moderate, if the pull head does not slide, said pull head self-locking good, otherwise that no self-locking or self-locking strength is not enough, pull the flap perpendicular to the pull Body flat up pulling, hood solid.