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Methods Of Repairing Equipment Damaged

Mar 27, 2016

Shell equipment in the production run, due to loading and unloading, the influence of various factors such as temperature, material, parts crack the shell is a common phenomenon. Conventional repair method is the use of welding, weld often will cause it to generate thermal deformation and thermal stress, particularly thin-walled parts.

Part material is cast iron, galvanized, kind of difficult to weld aluminium and alloy materials, some risk of explosion prone, less prone to welding repair method.

Following repair of small series to say a few shell construction technology:

Surface treatment:

First using a polishing machine polished along the crack a "v" Groove, the crack crack holes in the ends. While crack around the polished metal color, clean with acetone.

Second, blend material

Products in strict accordance with the ratio, and stir until no chromatic aberration.

Third, applied materials:

With blade (saw) will material uniform of smear to "v" type slot within and around, first layer to thin, to ensure material and metal of stick received and the completely cover, again will "v" type slot with material fill real, posted Shang a layer strengthening with, note pressure tight, to catch out inside of bubble, last will material smear to whole repair surface, and will strengthening with completely cover.

Four, curing:

24 hours/24 c (temperature). Material temperature up to 11 degrees, curing time in half, but withstand temperatures shall not exceed the material temperature.

Five, finishing

With a file or Emery cloth repair in addition to excess surface material and the requirements.