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Quality Detection And Recognition Of Hinge Series

Jul 10, 2017

Quality detection and recognition of Hinge Series

1. The quality management project of Hinge Series

1. Specifications and models of Hinge Series

Hinge Series specification refers to two teeth after the width of the tooth chain size and size range, the measuring unit is millimeter, Hinge Series components shape is the size of the specifications of the basis, is one of the most important dimension. Pull the chain model is the shape, structure and performance characteristics of important reflection, pull chain model not only contains the specifications, the chain also reflects the chain performance characteristics, namely the Hinge Series technical parameters and use function.

2. Power of Hinge Series

Strength is the main performance index of the Hinge Series, determines the scope of the Hinge Series and durable degree, in the national standard of Hinge Series, with strong make clear a regulation, also be the basis of detection of Hinge Series quality. Different types of Hinge Series have different strength is suitable for different USES, Hinge Series supplier will give a general specifications and the use range of reference choice. The specifications of the Hinge Series and model must accord with the requirement of use, once confirmed, its specifications must conform to the requirements of the order.

3. Chain length of pull

Hinge Series in the length of the size of the clothing and apparel fit or closed area, is one of the most important size. Measure the Hinge Series length of method is: put the Hinge Series flat on the flat bedplate, make its is in a state of nature, with a steel ruler from the top of the pull head volume up, volume down side, outside of the split Hinge Series, amount to the outer end of the socket. Hinge Series in the process of production, due to the equipment of inertia and consider the integrity of the tooth, the length of the Hinge Series the deviation is allowed, but want to be in a certain range.

The straightness of the Hinge Series

Hinge Series of straightness of the test method is: take the finished a Hinge Series, flat on a right counter, make its natural state, and then his fingers along the chain tooth edge moves back and forth on both sides, with straightedge gradually to bend, and then use a ruler measuring chain teeth feet and the distance between the ruler and the distance is the straightness.

Hinge, Hinge Series and 5 series with the color of the hinge Hinge Series and series with the color of the sample must conform to the confirmation sample card back. If the request body color, also want to check again with fabrics, check whether there is any color difference on Hinge Series of the same at the same time, the same batch of Hinge Series have off color, the general should be above the GRADE3.

The appearance of the Hinge Series

1) the flat and straight of Hinge Series: the Hinge Series is in a natural state of droop, with no wave back bending.

2) chain teeth of hinged series: the incisors of the injection molding Hinge Series are bright, the center of the front is not dented, the teeth are intact, the metal chain teeth are arranged neatly, the teeth are not crooked, the teeth are not broken, and the teeth have good teeth.

3) the color of the injection mold Hinge Series: uniform color, bright and bright, no color difference.

4) Hinge Series adhesive: the hinge line is symmetrical with adhesive position, no skew, and the glue place is repeated 10 times and 180 degrees.

5) pull head: the film of plating pull head light, no peeling, no foreign body scratches, coating thickness is not less than 3 um, paint, plastic spraying head surface colour and lustre bright-coloured coating even and firm, no bubble, no dead Angle and other defects.

7. Functional inspection of Hinge Series

Hinge Series function test, the following operations can be performed, in order to ensure the function of the Hinge Series is good. Pull pull head moves back and forth, pull head slide smooth, flexible, without beating or stop card. Pay special attention to pull head in check, the check and startup barrier-free socket. Turn to pull disc within the scope of the 180 - degree turn flexible. Pull out cannula inserted into a socket or intubation, flexible barrier-free. Pull two teeth with Hinge Series, Angle of 60 or so, pull drawing speed is moderate, if the head does not glide, said head self-locking good, said no self-locking or conversely self-locking strength is insufficient, will pull the disc lift up perpendicular to the body surface, cap is firm.

8. Special performance requirements

1) color fastness: general requirements, even in the hot water of 80 ° C for 15 min, after compared with the same, is greater than 4.

2) the rate of contraction: no more than 3% of the hinges, and no more than 3%.

3) organic solvents: the hinged series is immersed in a 4 - b dilute solution with temperature of 20 + / -2 degrees Celsius, which is naturally dry and the Hinge Series is open and closed to maintain the original function.

4) corrosion resistance of metal coating: after 180min, after 180min, the metal coating has been removed from natural dryness.

5) free of toxic or harmful substances.