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Rotary Toggle Latch Installed With Stress

Oct 23, 2017

Rotary Toggle Latch installed with stress
We know that Rotary Toggle Latch manufacturing materials are mainly aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel and copper, and surface treatment mainly gold-plated, scrub, drawing and other processes.
Rotary Toggle Latch price is very different from the material used, but this is not absolute, such as pure copper Rotary Toggle Latch is not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, because in addition to the material, we have to look at the lock The manufacturing process.
For the installation of Rotary Toggle Latch, installed in different places on the door, the selected door lock material is different, such as health Wen suitable for the installation of copper Rotary Toggle Latch, and not suitable for the installation of stainless steel door locks, which The reason is: stainless steel Rotary Toggle Latch although the senses are clean, but in fact it is very easy to breed bacteria, especially as in the bathroom this place, and copper material with antibacterial effect, the hands of bacteria It is relatively much less, so the bathroom is suitable for the installation of copper door locks.
Rotary Toggle Latch requirements are not the same for each occasion. In general, the basic use of ordinary families is the mechanical anti-theft Rotary Toggle Latch, this lock is high security, the key is its price is relatively cheap, very use of the general use of the family; and in some high-end places, confidential institutions will use To the electric Rotary Toggle Latch, such as password locks, fingerprint locks, etc., this lock is very high security, of course, the price is much more expensive than ordinary mechanical anti-theft lock.
The Rotary Toggle Latch used by the security door has many levels, and we call it an anti-theft level. The following is the anti-theft Rotary Toggle Latch at all levels of the technical indicators of the table, according to the table can understand our own security of the door lock.
Rotary Toggle Latch is currently on the market is a very popular kind of lock, the price is very transparent, then, how do we know whether the quality of their purchase of locks is proportional to the price?
For the door of the purchase, before we have introduced to you a lot, I believe we have a psychological spectrum. In terms of quality, the quality of Rotary Toggle Latch varies according to the processing technology. Rotary Toggle Latch on the market price is often determined by the processing technology used, of course, its appearance accuracy is also one of the factors affecting its price.
In the purchase of Rotary Toggle Latch, we can not petty cheap, because cheap door locks are often processing, but off, such as the door surface rough, easy to fade and so on.
A qualified Rotary Toggle Latch price of 40 yuan or so, and even to hundreds of pieces. We have to choose when the purchase of those brands manufacturers, their door lock processing technology and other technologies are already very mature, is trustworthy.
Cold stamping is the main process of Rotary Toggle Latch production. Abroad has more than the stamping process to achieve a continuous continuous stamping. Such as the use of multi-station tensile parts automatically punching punching, shallow stretch and bending is used into the stamping. Some companies use robots and multiple single-station presses to form automatic stamping lines.
No matter what kind of stamping, generally by the exhibition machine, leveling machine, feeder and presses production line, this method than the single-punch high efficiency, and has a stable quality, occupy space and station equipment, effective use of materials High and the workpiece without scratches and other advantages. In this regard, China is still a lot of manufacturers did not achieve, resulting in large material consumption, high working hours.
High-grade Rotary Toggle Latch handle, flower plate and the shape of complex parts are used zinc alloy material by hot chamber die-casting molding. The surface quality, accuracy and efficiency of die castings are higher than those of cold chamber die casting. After the workpiece by the surface coating, plating or electrophoresis treatment, with a luxurious, elegant, clear and neat lines of perception. Hot chamber die casting can suppress the projection area, wall thickness only parts, the processing process to facilitate automatic production. Although China introduced several such equipment, but because of the mold manufacturing level does not, can not give full play to its effect.