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Secondary Toggle Latch Surface Treatment Process

Oct 12, 2017

Surface treatment is an important means of improving the appearance quality of the aluminum secondary Toggle Latch. Today we mainly tell you about the domestic and foreign lock surface treatment process.
Foreign polishing, spraying, electroplating, electrophoresis, oxidation and organic film cover and other processes have a high level of technology. Especially the polishing process, the use of automatic polishing machine to achieve rough, finishing continuous completion, ten seconds will be able to complete one, but also throw out the rules of silk pattern to make the ideal appearance of the workpiece. And some will be polishing machine and spot welding machine, press into a production line. Not only to reduce manpower, improve efficiency, but also to avoid the quality of artificial polishing differences.
At present, most of our aluminum secondary Toggle Latch manufacturers in this area or the traditional manual operation, not only inefficient, and poor quality. Although China has made some progress in the southern plating, but the surface of the organic closed film materials and some of the plating additives and polishing with polishing paste and polishing wheel is mainly dependent on imports.
Aluminum Secondary Toggle Latch is a very popular lock on the market, the price is very transparent, then, how do we know that the quality of the secondary Toggle Latch purchased is proportional to the price?
For the secondary Toggle Latch purchase, before we have to introduce a lot, I believe we have a psychological spectrum. In terms of quality, the aluminum secondary Toggle Latch varies according to the processing technology, and the quality is different. The price of the secondary Toggle Latch on the market is often determined by the processing technology it uses, and of course its appearance is one of the factors that affect its price.
In the purchase of aluminum alloy Secondary Toggle Latch, we can not petty cheap, because the cheap Secondary Toggle Latch is often the processing process, such as Secondary Toggle Latch surface rough, easy to fade and so on.
A qualified aluminum alloy Secondary Toggle Latch price of 40 yuan or so, and even to hundreds of pieces. We have to choose when to buy those brand manufacturers, their Secondary Toggle Latch processing technology and other technologies are very mature, is trustworthy.
Handle Secondary Toggle Latch production process mainly stamping technology and die-casting technology two.
First, stamping technology
Cold stamping is the main process for the production of Secondary Toggle Latch. Abroad has more than the stamping process to achieve a continuous continuous stamping. Such as the use of multi-station tensile parts automatically punching punching, shallow stretch and bending is used into the stamping. Some companies use robots and multiple single-station presses to form automatic stamping lines.
No matter what kind of stamping, generally by the exhibition machine, leveling machine, feeder and presses production line, this method than the single-punch high efficiency, and has a stable quality, occupy space and station equipment, effective use of materials High and the workpiece without scratches and other advantages. In this regard, China is still a lot of manufacturers did not achieve, resulting in large material consumption, high working hours.
Second, die-casting technology
High-end Handle Secondary Toggle Latch handles, panels and complex parts are made of zinc alloy material by hot chamber die casting. The surface quality, accuracy and efficiency of die castings are higher than those of cold chamber die casting. After the workpiece by the surface coating, plating or electrophoresis treatment, with a luxurious, elegant, clear and neat lines of perception. Hot chamber die casting can suppress the projection area, wall thickness only parts, the processing process to facilitate automatic production. Although China introduced several such equipment, but because of the mold manufacturing level does not, can not give full play to its effect.