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Select The Items That Should Be Noted When Choosing A Draw Latch Supplier

Aug 01, 2017

Select the items that should be noted when choosing a Draw Latch supplier

When choosing and matching the clothing, not only the color and fabric of the fabric, but also the color fastness, which is commonly referred to as color difference, should be paid attention to the color fastness of the straps. For the manufacturer, whether the fastness of the Draw Latch color meets the standard series and whether there will be color exchange between the Draw Latchs and the clothing will directly affect the quality of the final product.

Fastness mainly including product performance of fastness to washing, rubbing, generally refers to the dyeing fabric, in the process of using or subjected to external factors (extrusion, friction, soaping, drench, exposure, etc.) under the action of the degree of fade. As a producer, when choosing zip supplier, should focus on the three kinds of color fastness for zip: resistance to sunlight fastness, soap washing fastness and color dye migration, thus can avoid the occurrence of these problems, improve the quality of clothing.

The flatness of the Draw Latch and the flatness: the Draw Latch is in a state of natural prolapse, with no wave back bending.

The chain teeth of the Draw Latch: the teeth of the injection molding and Draw Latching are bright, the center of the front is not dented, and the metal chain teeth are arranged in a neat, unskewed, unbroken tooth, and the teeth have good teeth.

3. The color of the injection molding: uniform color, bright and bright, no color difference.

4 Draw Latchband adhesive tape: the glue position is symmetrical, no skew, and the adhesive place is repeatedly turned 180 degrees.

5 pull head: the film of plating pull head light, no peeling, no foreign body scratches, coating thickness is not less than 3 um, paint, plastic spraying, head surface colour and lustre bright-coloured coating even and firm, no bubble, no dead Angle and other defects.

In zip, generally can be divided into gold, copper, aluminum or metal zip and plastic cord made of silver, in these materials, plastic zipper easy card master, are more likely to break, but more flexible nylon zipper, zipper can "repair", which means there is something wrong with the cord glide place after polyester will connect again.

Metal zipper teeth is to use copper wire or aluminium wire through rows tooth machine, resin zipper teeth is made of polyester plastic meters through the dye color and discharged by injection molding machine, and the nylon zipper teeth made with nylon monofilament die by heat winding up of the center line. Compared with metal Draw Latch and resin Draw Latch, nylon latching has low cost, high yield and high penetration rate.

Features of nylon pull Draw Latch:

1. Nylon Draw Latchs can be used in all kinds of situations, but generally prefer sports clothes, shoes, bedding, bags and tents.

2. The commonly used pullers are lacquered and sometimes plated.

3. Nylon Draw Latchs were born and invented when the metal material was severely lacking. The materials are mainly polyester materials, which are relatively low cost, and are also a kind of Draw Latch which is preferred by the market at present. The chain tooth of the Draw Latch is a spiral shape, which is a special kind of forming in the series, so there is no single tooth displacement strength project in the physical index.

In summary, the nylon pull material is hard, the bite of the chain teeth is around the state, soft and flexible; The color of cloth belt and chain tooth is relatively harmonious and tonal and elegant. The most prominent feature of nylon Draw Latchs is lightweight, thin and coiled. At present, the gold plating and silver plating of nylon are widely used.