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The Application Of All Kinds Of Draw Latch Varieties In Clothing Design

Jul 10, 2017

The application of all kinds of Draw Latch varieties in clothing design

With the improvement of people's living standard, people's consumption concept is changing, people choose clothing has shifted from the emphasis on practical for the pursuit of fashion, fashion and novelty, more design elements join makes today's clothing becomes more colorful. As one of the important accessories for clothing, it has also been transformed from the past test products into the decoration of garments. In the world, 90 percent of dress stylist is to notice to pull Draw Latch the function of the function at the same time, notice the time that pulls Draw Latch more, make it is the dress design service. Accordingly, with the design of dress design, function, aesthetic and aesthetic diversity, the Draw Latch that is matched with it is rich and colorful, various kinds. How to select the Draw Latch selection according to the requirements of the garment design is to consider the compatibility, Draw Latch harmony and the artistic and economic practicality of the garment.

It can be considered from the following aspects: 

(1) to select the Draw Latch according to the strength of the strength, the main choice is to select the type of the Draw Latch when considering the strong performance of the Draw Latch. 

(2) according to the chain of zip tooth material to carry on the design, the material of chain tooth determines the shape of the zip and basic condition, especially the softness and handle, it will directly affect the zip and degree of compatibility and beautiful clothing, such as injection molding zip suitable for thicker clothing fabrics, Draw Latch nylon cord light characteristics meet the requirement of thin fabric, metal zip straightforward natural and unrestrained, and cowboy clothing special match. (3) according to the design of the garment, the design of clothing is used, and the style of the combination of different materials, depending on the fabric, structure and color of the suit, is a choice. With a metallic finish or a double head up and down, used for heavy jeans and fancy fur clothing; It is applied to the design of casual wear and sportswear. And the closed end double - end double - tail system for the design of children's wear and special assembly; It has a shy and outward form of invisible Draw Latchs, which is usually used for the design of skirts and trousers, Draw Latch including some casual dresses, so that the shape and line of the appearance of the garment are more concise and smooth. 

(4) according to the color of the clothing and adornment sex choice zip, considered in the design of the garment fabrics and accessories on the color coordination, Draw Latch you need to choose and cord fabric colour and lustre is consistent, the main ingredient and the supplementary material has the effect of one integrated mass. Sometimes in order to form a strong contrast effect, choose the color of the difference. And zip pull head is an important part of the decoration, to the adornment of the clothes and mark provides more choices, Draw Latch it increased in the characteristics of personalized, diversified fashion clothing, help to establish the brand, has the obvious difference with other enterprises on the product label