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The Basic Common Sense Of The Concealed Toggle Latch

Jul 10, 2017

The basic common sense of the Concealed Toggle Latch

The basic knowledge of the Concealed Toggle Latch is a lot of knowledge, and the following is a brief and concise list of the knowledge points for reference.

1. Concealed Toggle Latch assembly Concealed Toggle Latch is generally divided into closed end, open end, double open end, closed double double tail "O" shape, close your tail hidden placket, switch lock for more pants pocket etc, more than double split cotter Concealed Toggle Latch is used to coat placket. The "O" shape is more used in the case of bags and bags.

2. Concealed Toggle Latch Concealed Toggle Latch the classification of the main points of metal hidden Concealed Toggle Latch switch lock, resin, nylon Concealed Toggle Latch, the Concealed Toggle Latch, waterproof Concealed Toggle Latch, metal Concealed Toggle Latch the mi tooth color generally include: green bronze, brass, cupronickel, red bronze, black nickel, black nickel, etc. The rest of the midare is a color match.

3. The specifications and length of Concealed Toggle Latch 1. Concealed Toggle Latch is divided into 3 #, 4 #, 5 #, 8 #, 10 # size from small to large, stealth Concealed Toggle Latch is commonly 3 #, 4 #, 3 # for conventional specifications. 2. Depending on the actual requirements of the clothing, the hidden switching lock is required to give the effective size of the hidden switching lock to the length of the Concealed Toggle Latch.

4. Pull head

(1) the pull head is divided into metal pull head, nylon pull head and resin pull head. The color of metal pull head is divided into: white, plated yellow, green bronzes, red copper, black nickel, black and white nickel and silver. The metallic pull color is generally required to match the color of the metal. Nylon and resin drawing are generally required to be uniform with cloth and microphone color.

(2) the head form is divided into: automatic head, needle lock head, spring head, without needle, like nose, guide rail without locking head, guide rail with lock head, shrapnel type etc. Regular use of automatic head is more, the rest sees guest demand. Guide puller is used for double-sided clothing

5. The attention of the Concealed Toggle Latch

(1.) because of Concealed Toggle Latch in different environments have different adaptability, therefore when choose money Concealed Toggle Latch if use on the special products should be put forward. Such as the raincoat, need water to wash jeans, acidic large leather goods, etc.

(2). Metal Concealed Toggle Latch water will have become angry phenomenon, this is determined by its chemical properties, so metal Concealed Toggle Latch when the choose and buy should indicate the special USES and special requirements, such as ordinary water washing, acid enzyme washing, silicone oil washing, etc.

6. Order the elements of the Concealed Toggle Latch

(1). The assembly mode of the Concealed Toggle Latch is the open tail, closed tail, double open tail... Etc.

(2). The specification of the Concealed Toggle Latch is 3 # 5 #... Etc.

(3). Large body fabric color standard for the use of concealed switch lock

(4). The effective length of the Concealed Toggle Latch is the length of clothing pocket and the length of the garment

(5) if there is a request for special drawing, it should be suggested that the automatic head should be the default if there is no special requirement. If the above five orders for the Concealed Toggle Latch are required for the project that must be provided, the item must be required.