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The Latest Electric Control Lock Anti-theft Performance

Dec 18, 2015

Electronic lock installed in outdoor should go with it? Electric control lock makes the social security becomes simple, a good electric control lock not only remote command capabilities, also has close security capabilities, superiority of comprehensive variety of products, quality of electric control lock is particularly great, electric control lock use the climb make our lives beautiful and comfortable.

With high quality and high performance electronically controlled locks, we don't have to be afraid of thieves struck at night, we can safely sleep, let the electric lock for our lives to service! Security security will be more like electronic lock:

Unlocking voltage: 9-15V

Current: 1.5-3A

Sensitivity: 0.5S

Application method: power door

Life: more than 300,000 times

Primary collaboration applications: intercom, remote, anma controllers, and other long distance equipment, does not advocate alone

Product features:

First, the lock after alarm system ** safety preparedness product quality supervision and inspection and testing center authorized product.

Second, open selection the lock electronic control, key rotation, remote, RF card door control, manual unlocking function, high security, high sound, as well as to avoid unloading the lock feature.

Third, the locks used in homes, sharing gate, institutions, schools, hostels, hotel buildings, factory warehouse, and and the use of electronically controlled security gate.

Four, use heat-resistant PVC plastic coil, ensure that coil does not burn in power for a long time.