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The Problem Of Parking Is Not The Problem Of Toggle Latch

Jun 15, 2017

The problem of parking is not the problem of Toggle Latch

 "10 years ago, the car in the country is still relatively rare things, then there can 'can not find the parking spaces' problem, ah, are a big thing, you just sideways or stop hanging, simply do not need to follow Then the smart switch to lock such things. Really miss the previous life, do not worry about parking problems. "Many people are beginning to fall into the memories of these happy memories. Increased car ownership, and now, more and more private cars, car parking is gradually becoming a problem. To "crash, waterproof, intelligent," known as the switch between the lock as if overnight blossom everywhere, became owners who secretly seize the parking lot is a good helper. These one of the "pull from the ground" switch lock, not only narrow the spacious road, but also a threat to the residents of the trip travel safety. It is understood that the regulatory requirements for switching now is almost a blank ... ... in the end who should be the tube, which is placed in front of us need to solve the problem ... ...

 Location: Victory South Street

More than a dozen switch to lock the city residents have no way to stop the street to win the victory over the street and the people's livelihood street, the street is not wide, but the traffic is not small. 1 morning, the reporter came to victory South Street, found in the street on both sides of a dozen switch lock. There are triangular, and oval, the color also has yellow and orange two, looks a bit messy reporter noted that more than a dozen switching lock, only a switch lock was put down to park the car, the other switch lock no car parked The Reporters asked a few residents near, they say do not know the sensor switch is locked who installed, do not know where their owner went "There is often a vacant but can not stop the car, my car can only be stopped on the streets of the people's livelihood, has been posted several times a ticket.One time, I stopped in a switch lock was put down position, and later almost hand-locked The owner played a conflict. "Mentioned this matter, the public Mr. Fan quite helpless. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the stone bridge on the streets of the city head of a responsible person. He told reporters that before the Spring Festival, the area of the street offices and urban management, traffic police and other departments have been removed once, and later was installed part of the. "We are planning to rehabilitate around May this year, and the departments will be able to formulate plans according to the circumstances, such as demarcating parking spaces for residents and conducting microcirculation, which will certainly be removed." People said. In the field of switching the hard work has been hard for nearly a decade of Luo master said the parking spaces from the big city spread to the momentum of small cities has never stopped, more and more people are facing a car but no place to stop Distress, and then smart lock these well-known domestic switch to lock the brand to become a switch to see the lock is also because of life forced, forced to whom the measures. It is clear that no one is willing to grab a parking lot made bruised, racking their brains. Therefore, the problem is certainly not in the switch on the lock, but out of our allocation of resources, parking spaces into rare resources because our relevant departments for parking resources is not enough attention, or attention is not enough, parking resources in the planning and construction of the status too Insignificant, and the lack of effective management, this is the problem.