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The Security Hidden Danger And Embarrassment Caused By Rotary Toggle Latch

Jul 19, 2017

The security hidden danger and embarrassment caused by Rotary Toggle Latch

Abstract: Rotary Toggle Latch is small, easy to use, but if the Rotary Toggle Latch quality is bad or inappropriate use back to bring us some embarrassing and safe hidden trouble, yifeng Rotary Toggle Latch here mainly introduce the Rotary Toggle Latch easily embarrassed due to improper protective measures, and the case of safe hidden trouble. Yifeng Rotary Toggle Latch factory is one specialized is engaged in the clothing supplementary material production and the sales entity enterprises, with advanced production Rotary Toggle Latch equipment, excellent technology and first-class management team, welcome to inquire.

Awkward event playback: it is true that Rotary Toggle Latch is easy to use, but it must be protected when used. This embarrassing scene appeared, once upon a time, a certain famous 90 supermodel after a group of fashion sexy photo shoot, the light blue straps with all exhibit perfect curve back, bold fashion designs into community life in real life, however, when taken to the climax, the rotation of the back switch lock drop not nearly sneaked away. So, the expert warns that the beauty of the time of sexy revealing outfit, can need to be done to rotate to switch lock protection measure, lest give the paparazzi the opportunity to be able to take advantage of.

Security event playback: there used to be net friend give her hand bag bag Rotary Toggle Latch in la for all cases, the thief was using tools to the other side of the Rotary Toggle Latch without trace open, while many undetected calmly. Study analysis: carry bag and spin switch lock are not damaged, how did the burglar gain the hand? The reporter attempted to use tweezers, sharp vertebra, the blade to open the other end of the switch lock, repeated many times not to lead.

So, how does the hand carry bag metal spin switch lock be cut open?

Professional Rotary Toggle Latch teacher explained: "the general said, metal Rotary Toggle Latch chain tooth gap is larger, if with a pointed cone into Rotary Toggle Latch end, make an effort to drag, may occur successively spread out." For example, to use a ball-point pen head open a spin lock switch, see the tip force, sealed Rotary Toggle Latch instantly opened a hole, and this did not damage the Rotary Toggle Latch, with another head DORA a few back to recovery. "The metal swivel switch lock is cut to the current law of theft, because as long as the force at one point, the whole process is not large, passengers should be careful to guard against." Such theft method has been one year ago, net friend estimations, round bead pen class type of sharp objects, Rotary Toggle Latch can not only open the bag, can also be the rotation of the luggage bags and so on big heavy package switch lock open, is worth the reader carefully to prevent.

Repair Rotary Toggle Latch, and most in Rotary Toggle Latchs can only, do not need to change the whole Rotary Toggle Latch, sometimes even without changing Rotary Toggle Latchs, use a special tool correction can only, "the somebody else give something to me, is the trust, we must try our best to give the somebody else is fixed, as much as possible to save money, or to change the line, also won't have to find the za repaired." We believe that honesty and ethics can help us win other people's trust and cooperation, so as to better realize our income and ensure our own life. The trouble people mostly with rotary switch on clothes, bags, handbags chain head damage, sprocket and buttons fall off, especially student's backpack more faults of Rotary Toggle Latch, master the processing time for a few minutes, the longest shortest a few seconds.