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Waterproof Push Button Switch Control Station Box & Enclosures

May 04, 2017







1, The products is free from corrosion, carries superior insulation.
2, The enclosure are available for the installation of terminal substitution rail, buttonbox, small terminal,signal, relay and sensor, communication and joint box
3,  It will not be damaged even using for a long time because stainless hinge and draw latch are equipped. It secures perfect airtightness by preventing sink down when opening or closing the sizes of hinge and draw by size increasing of the products. It can be used in inferior or dangerous industrial field byusing strong material and structure.
4, Features: waterproof,dust-free,shock resistance,and rustproof,long lifetime,good insulating property,easy machining.
5, Usage: It is convenient for the general & mechanical usages such as terminal box, measuring equipment box, gauge box, power distribution, control box, etc.
6,  Quality is absolutely guaranteed, the wholesale price is reasonable,  quantity is with preferential treatment.

7, Best ODM/OEM service, high quality, fast delivery.