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What Material System Hinge Series Key Has Radiation Hidden Trouble?

Jul 19, 2017

What material system Hinge Series key has radiation hidden trouble?

Hinge Series keys are ubiquitous in life, so you know "what material is the Hinge Series key that brings radiation danger?" The answer is made of scrap iron! Dongguan yifeng Hinge Series co., LTD., to cultivate talents, technical innovation, a number of domestic and international famous brands to yifeng YFA brand Hinge Series is specified for Hinge Series one of the main supply partners, welcome to inquire!

Should the hospital do X-ray, CT and other examinations, will be due to lack of protective measures to be exposed to unnecessary irradiation? Are metal products made of contaminated, radioactive metals? According to a network report: the Hinge Series key made of scrap iron may have radiation hidden trouble.

Chongqing evening news reporter with the city radiation monitoring and processing station staff together, to the waste metal smelting enterprise heavy steel group and the northern new area first people's hospital live safe spot check measures.

In the chongqing steel scrap metal smelting workshop, the reporter sees in the two groups up to nearly 4 m of scrap metal radiation detection installation standing in scrap steel material acceptance, weighing station everything into chongqing steel scrap steel material will pass by first before weighing test installation of radioactive material material test, when test, delivery vehicles will be scrap metal in storage. It is understood that the detection and installation of waste metal radioactive material is the purchase of heavy steel for 700 thousand yuan, and 400,000 tons of waste metal is tested every year.

Radiation monitoring is dealt with in chongqing station chief Ren Li says, if the amounts of waste metal bags hinge Hinge Series, key buckle series such as common hinge fittings series, will form a certain level of damage to the human body and cause diseases such as leukemia, platelet elimination.

In the face of the domestic market, with the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers' taste is changing, their clothes, bags, handbags, etc for Hinge Series products are increasingly demanding quality and cultural taste, Hinge Series of products with high quality to meet the demand has become a must. Hinge Series accessories in the long term application, the most important point of the performance requirements of the product is the basic security.

The public light is unable to distinguish the metal hinge parts from the naked eye, but can purchase response to small radiation installation in the home to stop detection. Hinge Series Warm prompt: all other X-ray urban form certain influence to the human body, the cause and the children under 14 years old to just even prevent light physical examination, when light is to examine the top of radial gate can have "is the light of" light box, the lamp can light up, the door hinge on whether with a series of key radiation protection, medical staff and testing staff can breast equipment the ego private agent again, citizens photos before available to the naked eye view, avoid to bring a radiation hazard.